Disrupting the dealer experience for small business owners

voom car

Jack’s medical practice is getting busy, and he needs a vehicle to get another medical practitioner out on the road. But he’s been so busy with patients, that finding the time to visit his local dealer has been the last thing on his to do list.

Meanwhile, every weekend his admin team spend hours tallying up receipts for fuel, maintenance and tolls to stay one step ahead of the next BAS statement – but they can’t work out exactly how much these vehicles are costing them, or why one vehicle seems to be burning through more fuel than the others.

Like many other medical professionals, Jack’s vehicles keep his team moving and growing – and he can’t risk downtime. But he’s also daunted by the idea of visiting all those dealers so he can weigh up his options.

The internet has changed the way we buy most things, from music and books to holidays, credit cards and even insurance. But the process of buying a car seems to involve even more time (and hurdles) than it did 10 years ago. On average, small business owners spend 10 hours researching online before they visit three dealerships, taking six weeks to complete their vehicle purchase.

“You can check out vehicle manufacturer sites to get a sense of makes and models before you go to a showroom, but it’s hard to know what a fair price is,” says Rhys Fernandes, Business Manager for VOOM – ORIX Australia’s new fleet solution for small and medium businesses.

“We think it’s time to disrupt that experience, and bring it all online.”

Let’s suppose Jack is considering adding another Lexus to his fleet, although he wouldn’t mind comparing that to a BMW. That means at least two different dealer trips – and probably half his day.

“Now, someone like Jack can head to voom.com.au, and in less than 20 minutes he’ll have two clear, fully itemised quotes – including the full manufacturer discount, any accessories, extras and his choice of colour. Plus he can roll all the running costs into his monthly lease payments,” explains Rhys.

Jack’s team will love that idea. They won’t have to chase receipts every week, and with a fuel card for each driver they can finally work out whether extra petrol is being siphoned off for personal use.

“We surveyed small business owners about what they wanted from our service. First, they wanted to know they’d get a great deal. But the time and cost-savings that would continue to flow on for the life of the car is the extra value they were looking for,” observes Rhys.

Of course, the one thing Jack can’t do online is test drive the vehicles. “We’ll organise that for you, once the finance has been approved,” says Rhys. “You’re not locked in to anything until you’re happy with the vehicle, because it’s really important to make sure it’s the right choice for you and your practice.”

Just because it’s fully online, VOOM is no faceless experience. Buyers will get a call to confirm their finance is approved, and then choose a convenient location for their test drive.

In a digital age, it’s about time, acquiring a new business vehicle was as simple as ordering a laptop or booking a flight. And thanks to VOOM, it finally is for medical professionals like Jack.